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The Best Puerto Vallarta Beaches

DESTINATION | Published on 08/05/2019
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If you’re traveling to the most popular tourist destination of Mexico’s Pacific coast than you’re likely to also be in search of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta. While the vibrant town has its fair share of stunning coastline, which stretches 50 miles from the southernmost point of Banderas Bay to the northernmost point in the state of Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta beaches aren’t all the same. The best Puerto Vallarta beach depends entirely on your interests and the level of interaction you’d like with others while lounging in the sand. If you’re like most, you’ll probably want to visit more than a few of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta during your stay and you may find out that the one you least expect will become your favorite.

El Salado Beach

Of all the Puerto Vallarta beaches, this may be the least popular. While it does encompass a long stretch of sand that starts at the mouth of the marina and heads north through the Marina hotels, El Salado Beach isn’t as picturesque or safe as some of the other beaches in Puerto Vallarta. The water that arrives on shore tends to be a bit rougher than most would like and there is the possibility of finding the occasional crocodile sunbathing or swimming by your side. What you will appreciate about this beach is how few people you’ll find there, making it a great place to lounge in the sun on a peaceful day.

Los Tules Beach

A strong contender for the the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta, Los Tules Beach offers visitors a clean beach experience where the stunning Banderas Bay meets the palm peppered shores of the hotel zone. Snuggling up to some of the best Puerto Vallarta all inclusive resorts, Los Tules Beach feels a bit sectioned off, making it ideal for those who want a bit more seclusion on their holidays. While you can still walk the long stretch of sand from the southern tip of the marina throughout most of the hotel zone, there is limited public access, which means you can avoid the massive crowds that can build up during peak travel times. What is also great about Los Tules Beach is that because it is close to your resort, you won’t need to bring your own umbrella, beach chair, or snacks.

Camarones Beach

Among the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Camarones (Camarones Beach) begins at the southern end of the hotel zone and heads into downtown. Locals and tourists flock to this beach because you can find a bit of everything you need there, including restaurants, easy access to shopping and downtown, and vendors who will sell you every trinket and souvenir you can imagine. In addition to a clean beach where you can play in the sand and take a dip in the ocean, on Camarones Beach, you’ll find a ton of water activities for the whole family. The only downside of this popular beach in Puerto Vallarta is that unless you plan on sitting at a restaurant for a meal, you’ll need to bring your own umbrella and beach gear or go without.

Los Muertos Beach

By far the best Puerto Vallarta beach if you’re looking for a full-on cultural experience, Los Muertos Beach offers a mix of styles and beachgoing experiences. If you start on the south end of the beach, you’ll find a friendly ambiance with hotels and restaurants that cater to the LGBTQ+ community. Further north, you’ll find a slew of beachside bars and restaurants that set up a vast array of chairs and umbrellas for customer convenience and you’ll also find space for throwing out a blanket when you just want to lounge in the sand. Likely the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta for the masses, Los Muertos Beach is a fun place to spend the day and meet new people and a great people watching location for those who just want to keep to themselves.

Conchas Chinas Beach

Of all the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Conchas Chinas may be the most beautiful. On this beach, visitors will find a series of rock formations that jet out into the sea, breaking up the occasionally rough waters and creating a visually exceptional experience. If you are looking for a quiet day in the sand, bring your beach towel and umbrella and spend a few hours on one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

Whether you’re looking to stay close to your hotel, lounge in solitude, or experience an eclectic mix of people, these Puerto Vallarta beaches will serve you well. While it may be hard to tell which is the best Puerto Vallarta beach, that is part of the draw of this unique destination. From every shore of these beaches in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be able to indulge in the beauty of the destination and the fun activities that can be had throughout Banderas Bay.

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