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The Mosaic Tile Park Shines in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 04/03/2020
Optimizada lazaro cardenas park puerto vallarta

The waves of the Pacific Ocean aren’t the only things that sparkle in Puerto Vallarta. In the heart of downtown, the Lazaro Cardenas Park Puerto Vallarta has become the latest location for an art installation project. Since 2017, artist Natasha Moraga and volunteers have transformed what was once simply a concrete plaza into a dazzling mosaic, covering every inch of concrete with colorful designs that reflect the tropical sunlight. Bringing new life to the romantic zone or Old Town Puerto Vallarta, the mosaic artwork is one of the most popular and accessible cultural attractions in Puerto Vallarta. Next time you’re passing through downtown, make sure to stop and take time to admire the designs of this incredible Puerto Vallarta art installation.

The Artist Behind the Puerto Vallarta Art in Lazaro Cardenas Park

Natasha Moraga is the heart and soul behind the Mosaic Park in downtown. Born in the US into a Mexican-Chilean family, she’s traveled the world, finding inspiration and exploring different mediums before falling in love with sculpture and mosaic designs. Moraga has created a number of public art installations, and her work can be seen at local schools and through the Marina Vallarta neighborhood. In Marina Vallarta, her designs have brightened the American School and the wall that divides the neighborhood from the airport, but her work in the Old Town is her most famous. What makes her work unique is the community involvement. Not only does creating public art benefit all those who pass by, but she also teaches Puerto Vallarta art classes to volunteers who then dedicated time to the Lazaro Cardenas park project. Her workshops span three days with four-hour classes each day, and in the end, participants can contribute their own designs to the park. Moraga offers these Puerto Vallarta art classes regularly throughout the winter when the weather is perfect for being outside.

Lazaro Cardenas Park Puerto Vallarta

Named for a former president of Mexico, Lazaro Cardenas Park Puerto Vallarta has been one of the cultural attractions in Puerto Vallarta for years. Located at the north end of the Malecon, hundreds of people pass by it every day. On Saturday mornings, artisans and farmers set up stands for a morning market, drawing locals and tourists to shop and grab something to eat. It also has a small stage, and at night, you can often catch musical and dance performances here. While it was once all concrete, almost every inch is now covered with dazzling colors of mosaic tiles. No matter what brings you to the park, make sure you stop to admire the mosaic art.

Romantic Zone Puerto Vallarta

Surrounding the park, the romantic zone Puerto Vallarta echoes with the sound of laughter and music spilling out of bars and restaurants. For a night out on the town, this is the place to go. Foodies can sink their teeth into a variety of dishes, from street tacos to gourmet tapas. The cultural attractions in Puerto Vallarta also include a few local breweries just a couple blocks from the park. Having a sparkling park filled with color has made the Old Town Puerto Vallarta even more friendly and beautiful to walk through.

Taking time to admire the local cultural attractions in Puerto Vallarta shows you the rich diversity and beauty of Mexico, and if you get the chance to take Moraga’s Puerto Vallarta art classes, your work will forever be a part of the city. The next time you pass through Lazaro Cardenas Park Puerto Vallarta, don’t rush past. Take time to wander through and notice the intricate designs.

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