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5 Creative Ways to Make Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation Unique

DESTINATION | Published on 21/08/2019
Optimizada family vacation

While Vallarta vacations are becoming more popular, there are still unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta that will take you off the beaten path and into the local culture and community. Including some of these unique experiences in your family vacation opens the doors of the world to your children, teaching them about our incredible planet and the various people who are part of our world. If you’re looking for amazing things to do in Puerto Vallarta that aren’t what everyone else is doing, check out some of these unique vacation ideas

Restore Your Wellbeing.

Wellness is one of the growing trends in travel, and many people on Vallarta vacations find the city’s energy restorative and tranquil. Some mindfulness practices like meditation can be easier when you’re traveling without kids, but there are some that can be a meaningful part of a family vacation. If your Puerto Vallarta vacation packages include spa benefits, going as a family will be a unique experience that can put you all at ease. Many resorts and studios in town offer yoga classes, some designed specifically for kids. Going through the poses and practicing together is a healthy way to bond and enjoy the peacefulness of Vallarta.

Give Back and Volunteer

Your family vacation will give you thousands of memories to cherish, and creating memories of giving back is one of the most amazing things to do in Puerto Vallarta. As you explore the city, you’ll notice the needs that are there. Sadly, as with any city, there are many dogs and cats without a home, and the cost of spaying or neutering pets can be costly for some families. With Colina Spay and Neuter Clinic, you can help by petting sleepy cats and dogs after their surgeries to help wake them. With the Vallarta Garden Club, you can spend a morning watering and pruning plants around the city and do a little sightseeing at the same time. There are also several orphanages and homes for children. If you bring a bag with donated items or do a little shopping on your family vacation, you can help provide these children with food, clothing, and toys to brighten their day.

Broaden Your Palate

Mexican cuisine is loved around the world, but of course there’s nowhere quite like Mexico to try authentic tacos. Using a travel guide, you can sink your teeth into unique creations from Puerto Vallarta’s elegant gourmet restaurants or stop for a bit at the corner taco stand. For a unique culinary journey, join the Puerto Vallarta tours that show you the best local spots for Mexican food. With a friendly guide and behind-the-scenes look at the culinary world, food tours in Puerto Vallarta are some of the best vacation ideas for everyone from foodies to families. Many Puerto Vallarta vacation packages including delicious dining options from the city’s best chefs. While you could order a burger and fries at every meal, ask your server for recommendations to broaden your palate. 

Go to Local Events

Some of the most amazing things to do in Puerto Vallarta are the local celebrations and festivals. All year long, there are reasons to celebrate in Puerto Vallarta, and watching the holiday parades, sampling festival foods, and listening to mariachi music are the perfect additions to make your Vallarta vacations unique. The city’s online travel guide lists the upcoming events and gives you information on how to join in on the fun.

Get Lost in Nature

One of the most magical places in Puerto Vallarta is tucked away in the mountains: Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Surrounding the classic hacienda and restaurant, lush gardens preserve the country’s exotic and beautiful plants. Both public transportation and Puerto Vallarta tours will take you to the gardens where you can wander the trails and swim in the river before sitting down to a hearty Mexican meal with a view of the mountains.

If you’re looking for a vacation that goes beyond a general travel guide, these vacation ideas will give you an experience like no other. These unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta are the perfect additions to Puerto Vallarta vacation packages for a fulfilling trip that’s unlike everyone else’s.

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