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Best time to Visit Puerto Vallarta - Weather by Month

DESTINATION | Published on 02/02/2022
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There are a million reasons to travel to Mexico, and the sunny Puerto Vallarta weather is just one of them. While the average monthly temperatures are always warm and most days have clear skies, some travelers base their trips based on the weather in a particular month. The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta depends on your personal preferences and what you’re looking forward to doing. By looking at the Puerto Vallarta weather by month, you’ll be able to book your dream vacation, but always know that the current time in Puerto Vallarta is perfect for a beach vacation.


January has some of the coldest average monthly temperatures, but for the Puerto Vallarta weather, this means lows in the mid 60°s with the afternoons heating up into the 70°s. During January, there’s typically a morning or two that are more overcast, but since it’s not yet rainy season, you’ll have clear skies by the afternoons. The best part about these mild temperatures is that they attract migratory whales to the coast of Mexico.


The cool temperatures and visiting humpback whales stay in Puerto Vallarta during February. For many, the pleasant weather and low humidity create the best beach vacations. Because the winter months are often considered the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta, the city will be filled with more tourists, and there’s a number of events and festivals to attend. While booking prices will be higher, it’s an exciting time to be here.


Happy Family

Spring break vacations start happening in March, and for many families, it’s the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta. The temperatures start to warm back up towards the end of the month, and as they do, the whales make their journeys back home.


When you look at the Puerto Vallarta weather by month, you’ll see that April and May are the last cooler months before the heat of the summer arrives. Once Easter has passed and spring break vacations end, there’s a slight decrease in tourism, allowing travelers to enjoy the pleasant average monthly temperatures without the crowds. In Mexico, the current time in Puerto Vallarta springs forward for Daylight Saving Time at the beginning of April.


The best beach vacations need warm weather and cool waters to swim in, and May has this winning combination. In May, the temperatures rarely drop below the 70°s, and in the heat of the afternoons, splash in the ocean or take a dip in the pool.


As the weather heats up, so do the deals on resort suites and airline tickets. For travelers looking to score travel deals, summer is the season for the best beach vacations. Before rainy season comes, June is the perfect time for scuba diving. You’ll have clear visibility and warm water temperatures, allowing you to comfortably explore the depths of the ocean.


Puerto Vallarta weather in july has some of the hottest temperatures of the year, but for those wanting a tropical vacation, there’s nothing better than cooling off with an icy margarita by the pool on a summer day. The rainy season will start towards the end of July, but unlike other destinations, this season brings brief afternoon showers, allowing travelers to still enjoy plenty of outdoor activities during the day.


August is typically the beginning of hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta, and while you might be picturing storms and heavy winds every day, the reality is much different. While there will be heavy rains each afternoon, there’s plenty of sunshine during the day and brilliant sunsets at night. When the rain does come, curl up inside with a good book while watching the lightning light up the sky, or escape the storm in the tranquility of the spa.


Playa genial

September is typically the peak of hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta, but thanks to the natural protection of the mountains in the south and the curve of the bay, hurricanes pass by further out at sea. Those that do make landfall are usually downgraded to tropical storms, and most years, the city won’t even receive this much of a storm. If you’re worried about traveling during hurricane season but want to take advantage of the deals, consider purchasing travel insurance.


By October, most of the storms have been carried away by the ocean breeze, and the humidity floats away throughout the month. When you look at the Puerto Vallarta weather by month, you’ll see this is when things start to cool off, and while the beginning of October is still warm, the cooler winter temperatures start to arrive in time for Day of the Dead, and Daylight Saving Time ends when the current time in Puerto Vallarta falls back at the end of October.


With hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta over, November brings the return of cooler temperatures and more travelers to Puerto Vallarta. For many retirees who spend the winter here, this is the time to come down. The ocean water will still hold the warmth of the summer and fall, but the afternoons will be less humid.


The year ends with holiday celebrations in the cool evening temperatures and under a clear and starry sky. It’s an exciting time of year, especially with the arrival of humpback whales coming to escape the frigid Arctic waters. While the city is busy and bustling, there’s no better place for a Christmas vacation.

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