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Skydiving in Mexico - The Top Destinations

DESTINATION | Published on 05/09/2019
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For many, to jump out of a plane and skydive is at the top of their bucket list, and the most daring want to make their extreme activities even more adventurous by skydiving in Mexico. Being able to say that you not only did extreme sports but that you did them in an exotic location gives you even more bragging rights. Most people aren’t aware of how many extreme outdoor activities are available in Mexico, and for those looking for adventurous things to do on vacation, skydiving is the ultimate thrill.

Before jumping out of a plane, you’re probably wondering how safe is skydiving? A common misconception about people who like to skydive is that they enjoy the risks and danger. However, skydivers love jumping and seeing the earth from a bird’s eye view, so they work tirelessly to ensure their own safety and the safety of those diving with them. How safe is skydiving is also determined by advances in extreme sports technology. New innovations ensure that parachutes will deploy and that the primary chute can be cut off if it’s malfunctioning. As you prepare for skydiving in Mexico, be sure to listen and follow all points of training. While learning how to exit the plane safely may not be the most exciting part of extreme activities, every part of training is vital to your safety.

The best places for extreme outdoor activities like skydiving are on Mexico’s golden coast where you can see the changing colors of the sea and the endless miles of beaches from thousands of feet above the earth. For travelers, reaching these popular Mexico skydiving destinations is quick and easy, with daily international flights and a range of accommodations. In many of these cities like Cabo, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta, you can try other extreme outdoor activities. Some other adventurous things to doin Mexico are seeing the land up close while riding ATVs on rugged desert and jungle trails or going below sea level when you try scuba diving. Adding in other extreme activities in addition to Mexico skydiving will fill your vacation with action and unforgettable moments.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best destinations for skydiving in Mexico. If you’re wondering how safe is skydiving, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll always begin with a tandem jump, jumping out of the plane with an instructor attached to you, one of the safest and most extreme things to do in Mexico. Skydive Vallarta is the leader in safe jumps on Mexico’s west coast. They offer multiple levels of sky dive classes for those who have already mastered tandem jumps, and as leaders in the industry, they’ll help guarantee your safety with a thorough class before boarding the plan and with equipment that surpasses safety standards. 

Once you get a taste of extreme sports, you’ll want to try Mexico skydiving where all the adrenaline of flying meets the awe of seeing the sea from the sky. There are plenty of adventurous things to do in Mexico, and you can try them all in Puerto Vallarta. As you dive, you can see the dense mountain jungles and the sparkling waters of the ocean that you’ll also want to explore during your vacation.

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