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Movie Picnic in Puerto Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 07/02/2023
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There is no doubt that some activities of yesteryear are becoming fashionable again, whether it is out of nostalgia or because we did not appreciate them at the time. A drive-in movie theater is one such example, which has resurfaced in some parts of Mexico. Although it's not exactly a drive-in theater in Puerto Vallarta, but rather a garden movie picnic. Have you ever been to the Movie Picnic in Puerto Vallarta?

Every Thursday from November 17 through May 25, the Puerto de Luna Pet Friendly Hotel & Family Suites holds its Movie Picnic, an outdoor movie screening. People gather and relax in "el Jardín de la Luna" while enjoying their favorite movies of all time. If you are looking for things to do in Puerto Vallarta during your vacation, this is a great alternative.

Movie Picnic Nights

Starting at 7:30 pm, spectators sit or lie in this beautiful garden and get ready to enjoy the show. For the comfort of the attendees, mats, puffs, chairs, lounge chairs and blankets are available for rent. You can also buy popcorn and “aguas frescas”, a Mexican special blend of fruit-infused water. In addition, next to the venue is the Food Park Puerto Vallarta, where they sell all kinds of food: pizza, sushi, tacos, chicken, seafood, coffee, ice cream, crepes, and other scrumptious desserts.

Although the Food Park Puerto Vallarta is not part of the Puerto de Luna hotel, you are allowed to enter to watch the movie with food purchased there, so you can enjoy the movie with your favorite food!

Best movies on the billboard 

It should be noted that the movies shown are not the premieres that are in theaters, but a good selection of the best movies that have become classics or that were very successful at the box office. So, unlike the premieres - with which you can be disappointed - at Movie Picnic you are guaranteed to see great movies. Here you can check out the entire 2023 lineup. 

You'll find classics like New Paradise Cinema and Little Women; dramas like Lovely Bones and Miracle in Cell No. 7; romance films like The Notebook and Dream of Love; horror films like Sinister and The Meg; science fiction such as Avatar and Mad Max, Road Rage; comedy such as A Wife of Lies and The Mask; children's films such as Shrek and The Little Mermaid; and cult films such as Grave of the Fireflies and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

There will also be a couple of special screenings, one on Tuesday, February 14 to celebrate Valentine's Day with the movie Two Meters Apart and another on Sunday, April 30 to celebrate Children's Day with the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So we have the perfect movies, but will the weather allow us to fully enjoy the outdoors? 

Puerto Vallarta Weather

Imagine, starry spring nights in Puerto Vallarta, your blanket spread out in a romantic garden, your favorite person by your side, a basket of food in between, and your favorite movie projected on a big screen in front of you. Whether with your partner or accompanied by friends, there can be no better plan! 

Puerto Vallarta weather during these dates is ideal for outdoor activities. Maybe in February you still want to wear a sweatshirt or light jacket at night -nothing a blanket can't fix-, but from March to May the weather is simply perfectly warm, and you won't feel cold or hot.

The Movie Picnic venue

Puerto de Luna is located in one of the most central points of the city, next to the Food Park Puerto Vallarta and right in front of the Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta hotel. You only need to cross the main avenue (Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio) to reach the screening venue. 

Another advantage is that it is pet friendly, so your dog will be able to have fun in its Doggie Park -a suitable space created for them- while you enjoy the best movies. As you can see, this movie picnic offers an excellent option for things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

General admission is 40 pesos. Popcorn and fruit-infused water are 30 pesos. The mats and chairs cost 30 pesos, the cots, and blankets 60 pesos, the small puffs are 80 pesos, and the large puffs are 130 pesos. The all-inclusive ticket costs 110 pesos and the mega all-inclusive ticket costs 210 pesos. 

Find them on social media using the handle @moviepicnicpv, or contact them via WhatsApp (322) 349-0670. Which movies are you most excited to see at the Movie Picnic?

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