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Most Active Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta

NEWS | Published on 27/08/2021
Optimizada puerto vallarta weather

When you think of Puerto Vallarta weather, you’re probably dreaming of the sun sparkling on ocean waves and the touch of the tropical breeze, but like most of the world, the city experiences different seasons throughout the year. While most months have clear skies and warm temperatures, travelers are often alarmed by the idea of visiting during the Puerto Vallarta hurricane season. During this time, heavy rains can be a threat, but the natural geography of the city protects it from the most active hurricane season weather. Those looking to avoid this season often prefer Puerto Vallarta weather in December, which makes winter a popular time to vacation, however those travelers miss taking advantage of fewer crowds and bigger savings during the rainy season.

When is Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta?

The rainy season in Puerto Vallarta typically lasts from June through October, but the most active hurricane season is in September and October. The worst hurricane in recent years was Hurricane Kenna in 2002. It made landfall several miles north of Puerto Vallarta in the next state over, however, the city still felt the effects of the heavy rains and strong winds. Both visitors and locals alike helped to rebuild the downtown area after the damage. Thankfully, powerful storms during Puerto Vallarta hurricane season are few and far between, so if hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta aligns with your vacation, your chances of experiencing a true storm is fairly low.

Should I Travel to Puerto Vallarta During the Rainy Season?

Tucked inside the Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is naturally protected from the most active hurricane season weather by the mountains, and most storms pass by further out at sea. If you do vacation during Puerto Vallarta hurricane season, you’ll probably have several rainy days, and since most showers come in the late afternoon, you can spend your mornings out swimming in the ocean or hiking in the mountains that have been refreshed by the rain. When the clouds cover the sky and the thunder starts, you can safely watch the lightning over the ocean from your resort suite or enjoy a variety of indoor activities, like spa treatments, shopping trips, and gourmet dining. Plus, if you’re looking to save on travel, you’ll want to know when hurricane season is in Puerto Vallarta. Because there are fewer travelers this time of year, resorts and airlines offer their biggest deals of the year in the late summer and fall, and you can explore the city without crowds of other tourists.

What Month has the Best Weather in Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re nervous about traveling during storms and want to spend most of your time outside, it’s important to think about what month has the best weather in Puerto Vallarta for your ideal vacation. Most locals and visitors agree that the Puerto Vallarta weather in December is perfect. The breeze has blown the storms away, and winter gives the city milder temperatures, which means you may want a light jacket in the mornings and evenings. Beginning in November and lasting through March, tourism picks up as many travelers escape frigid northern winds.

Deciding what month has the best weather in Puerto Vallarta will depend on your personal preferences. If you want to avoid the rain and heat, take advantage of the mild Puerto Vallarta weather in December, but if you enjoy curling up with a good book during afternoon rain showers and saving money on tropical vacations, you may enjoy the chance to explore a less-crowded city during hurricane season in late summer and fall.

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