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4 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Cancel your Vacation to Mexico

With all the uncertainty of 2020 and questions about what lies ahead, many travelers are asking themselves “Should I cancel my trip to Mexico?” While it’s important to take steps and follow rules to…

Published on 27.11.2020


Ways to Get the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Travel Deals

Savvy travelers know how to get the most for their money, and one of the best secrets for finding discounted flights and resort packages is to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals. While…

Published on 13.11.2020


Winter Season Activities in Puerto Vallarta

For many travelers, winter is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta. Rather than being cooped up indoors, you’ll be able to soak up the fresh weather and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities in…

Published on 10.11.2020


How to Make the Most of My Winter Vacation Days in Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re thinking about what to do on winter break, there’s no better option than a tropical vacation to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. In fact, many tourists consider winter to be the best time to…

Published on 09.11.2020


Puerto Vallarta Reinforces Safety Measures for Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continues to take its toll on the world, governments everywhere are taking precautionary measures to help decelerate the spread of the disease as best they can. The state of…

Published on 02.11.2020


Why is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

As the leaves change and the holidays approach, it’s time for us to pause to remember National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The October Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign was founded in 1985 by…

Published on 21.10.2020


Puerto Vallarta International Airport Receives ACI Health Accreditation

The Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport welcomes travelers from around the world to sunny days spent relaxing on the beach, strolling the charming downtown, and exploring the verdant jungles. Because it’s…

Published on 14.10.2020


Los Arcos National Marine Park Puerto Vallarta Mexico: What You Should Know

South of downtown Puerto Vallarta, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks rises out of the sea: Los Arcos National Park. These towering granite rock formations have withstood the winds and waves for…

Published on 02.10.2020


Airlines Expand Air Connectivity with New Routes to Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit

More flights to Puerto Vallarta Mexico means more walks along the ocean, more tacos and fresh seafood, more adventures in the jungle, and more memories with your family. This year, a number of…

Published on 25.09.2020


Puerto Vallarta is Open to Tourists: What Can I Do and What Places Can I Visit?

Puerto Vallarta Mexico has been the tropical escape for Hollywood movie stars, families with young kids, and lovers of all ages, and despite its popularity, this charming town is the ideal destination…

Published on 25.09.2020


Ways to Stay Safe During your Vacations

There are so many things to look forward to on vacation as a week of lazy mornings and new activities lie before you. While you’re busy thinking about what to pack and which tours to book, it’s…

Published on 18.09.2020


Workation: Benefits of Working During Your Vacation

Having the freedom to work online opens the doors to the world, and if you’ve just figured out how to work remotely, it’s time to explore options for a workation. What is a workation? The workation…

Published on 14.09.2020


Places to Get Away from the Crowds Near Puerto Vallarta

Wandering through the markets and plazas of Puerto Vallarta as vendors are selling sizzling tacos and homemade trinkets is a truly cultural experience filled with the energy of the city. However, some…

Published on 04.09.2020


Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta in the Rainy Season

While Puerto Vallarta is well known for its sunny weather, many fall in love with the rainy season, which comes at the end of the summer with fresh showers almost daily, because it breathes new life…

Published on 04.09.2020


Mexico Travel Advisory: Puerto Vallarta Open for Travel 2022

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the quintessential beach vacation destination. Verdant mountains and rustling palms provide the perfect backdrop for a day laying out on the warm sands of Mexico’s west…

Published on 25.08.2020
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