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Puerto Vallarta Takes the Lead as the #1 Wedding Destination by

WEDDINGS | Published on 08/06/2021
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Romance drifts on the ocean breeze as laughter echoes along the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta, a city whose natural beauty and cultural charm have made beach dream weddings a reality. Here, couples from around the world gather with their families and friends for days spent exploring the city and celebrating together before walking down the aisle, and with the all inclusive wedding venues, planning the ceremony and reception is simple and stress free. For these reasons, has named Puerto Vallarta the best place for destination wedding ceremonies. As you start to make your plans, discover why so many couples have had their beach dream weddings come true in Puerto Vallarta.

Why Choose a Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination for everything from a solo trip to a family vacation, and its winning combination of dream wedding venues and exciting activities make it the perfect place to gather your loved ones to watch you take your first steps of married life. With the sun setting over the ocean and the breeze rustling through the palm tree, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta provide the perfect backdrop for beginning your marriage. When Puerto Vallarta destination wedding guests aren’t getting ready for the ceremony, they’ll be able to relax at the resort or head out to explore downtown, the mountains, or the sea. Infusing these vacation vibes into your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and make the most of their experience. When they come together for the beach ceremony, they’ll be even more excited to see you join your hands and lives in marriage.

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Puerto Vallarta

The best dream wedding venues in Puerto Vallarta are the beachfront resorts where everyone can stay together and celebrate with you, and while their elegant facilities and gourmet food make them the best place for destination wedding events, they’re surprisingly affordable. The packages at these resorts include everything you need for a romantic destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, and since they’re priced at different tiers, they make beach dream weddings come true for couples with all different budgets. The all inclusive wedding venues also have years of experience helping international couples tie the knot, and most packages include a personal wedding planner who will help contact vendors for you and coordinate everything during your stay.

Making Your Destination Wedding Ideas a Reality

While the all inclusive wedding packages have helped thousands of couples have a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, your wedding planner will help make sure that your day is unique. They have plenty of creative destination wedding ideas that will help you personalize your day to reflect your love story, and if you find ideas online, they can help you arrange it for your Puerto Vallarta destination wedding. Through your invitations, table decor, favors, and reception, the day will showcase your personalities and the future you’re building.

From purchasing your all inclusive wedding package and through all the planning and the last dance, you’ll be able to see why believes that Puerto Vallarta is the best place for destination wedding ceremonies. As you start planning your big day at one of the dream wedding venuesin Puerto Vallarta, you’ll also see how affordable it can be. Watch all your destination wedding ideas come to life with the help of the planner at the resort, and as you walk down the aisle, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty and the support of your friends and family. 

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