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Marina Vallarta Art & Market

EVENTS | Published on 29/01/2019
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If you think there’s nothing special about a Thursday night in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be surprised to hear the sounds of music drifting throughout the city marina, smell the fresh artisan foods, and see the bright paintings and crafts lining the boardwalk during one of the most popular events in Puerto Vallarta. Thursdays are one of the community’s favorite nights of the week when crowds of locals and visitors stroll through the Marine Vallarta Art and Market, sampling Central American foods and finding the perfect treasures to take home.

This weekly festival in Puerto Vallarta kicks off each Thursday at 6pm on the sidewalks around the marina. To join in on the fun and browse the different vendors, take a taxi or hop on a bus that is headed to the marina. For those traveling from downtown or the hotel zone to the Marina Vallarta Art and Market, look for a blue bus that says “marina” or “aeropuerto.” You’ll know you’ve arrived and it’s time to get down when you see the marina’s giant whale statues or spot King Neptune towering over it all. Follow the people mingling about into the center of the marina where you’ll find one of the best events in Puerto Vallarta you won’t want to skip on a Thursday night.

There’s no shortage or limit to the art you can find on Thursday nights at the Puerto Vallarta market. In the state of Jalisco, many artists find inspiration in Huichol art. Coming from indigenous tribes who settled here centuries ago, Huichol art is unmistakable with its vibrant colors and natural designs, often featuring animals. You’ll also find many paintings of the Puerto Vallarta skyline, the famous church, and the city streets at the Puerto Vallarta market. One of the classic scenes in the art is the sunset over the Bay of Banderas. As you browse, take a moment to meet the artists who are so inspired by the natural beauty of Vallarta. These artworks are bursting with the life and air of the city, and hanging them on your wall at home will remind you of your magical trip to paradise.

Mexico is famous for its sparkling silver and bright jewels, many of which are mined locally by regional producers in the state of Jalisco. At this Puerto Vallarta market, you’ll find several vendors selling genuine Mexican silver forged into delicate bracelets and bold statement necklaces. There’s also vibrant Mexican artisan jewelry made from neon-colored beads and threads, inspired by Huichol art. Taking a piece of Mexican artisan jewelry home will remind you of your days in paradise and spark conversations with others when you wear it out and about.

With vendors changing throughout the season, there’s no telling what you’ll find at this weekly festival in Puerto Vallarta. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll spot regional producers with hand-rolled Mexican cigars, carved chess boards, or brightly painted dishes. There are also a variety of organic products for your hair and body made with natural oils and minerals. Take your time to stop at the booths, especially since many vendors have a variety of products.

As you browse the vendors along the marina, you’ll probably get a little hungry, especially with aromas floating in the air from the chefs and bakers who make this one of the best events in Puerto Vallarta. You can sample local tamales, empanadas, and tacos, or take a trip around the world with Dutch stroopwafels, Venezuelan arepas, or classic American apple pie. Local farmers with organic products and produce will also be selling their daily harvest. The highest quality regional producers of wines, sweets, meats, and organic products will be there with delicious treats for you to enjoy as you stroll through the festival in Puerto Vallarta or for you to take home for later.

If you’re in Puerto Vallarta on a Thursday night, you don’t want to miss out on the festivities, art, and food at the Marina Vallarta Art and Market. You’ll be able to get a taste of the local culture and sink your teeth into homemade food while finding the perfect piece of Mexican artisan jewelry or other treasures to take home when it’s time to say goodbye.

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