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Down Puerto Vallarta 2019

EVENTS | Published on 18/04/2019
Optimizada sports event

Down Puerto Vallarta 2019 brings the best in extreme sports to the Malecon boardwalk where the mountains meet the sea from May 18th to the 19th. For its third year, this Puerto Vallarta extreme sports event will draw bikers from around the world for a weekend of downhill cycling and trick competition, and the backroad through the city that leads from the mountains to the Malecon will be transformed with ramps for bikers to fly down. The grand finale will take place on the boardwalk, where steep slopes will be created for bikers to perform tricks on. For extreme sports fans, this is one of the most exciting Puerto Vallarta upcoming events to attend.

Hiking up to the Mirador de la Cruz gives you a stunning bird’s-eye view of the bay, but for these extreme bikers, this is only the starting line in their intense competition and one of the most daring Puerto Vallarta events. The urban course isn’t very long, but it is technically challenging with steep curves, stairs, and dirt trails. Bikers will get to ride the course three times: once to warm up and two competitive times for a best overall time. Only a fraction of a second will separate first from second place, making every twist and turn count during Down Puerto Vallarta 2019.

During the Puerto Vallarta extreme sports event, there will also be a freestyle trick competition along the Malecon. Bikers will show off their acrobatics, big air, and aerial flips as they fly over ramps while the crowd gasps in awe. The competition is scheduled for close to sunset, so the bikers will be lit up by orange and purples hues with a stunning backdrop.

Of all the Puerto Vallarta upcoming events, the downhill urban challenge draws one of the biggest crowds with up to 30,000 spectators all gathered into a few blocks to view the show. Attending this Puerto Vallarta extreme sports event is completely free and open to the public, but to get a good seat, you’ll want to show up early or make a reservation at a nearby restaurant. If you can secure a good location to watch, you’ll get to be a part of one of the biggest Puerto Vallarta events of the year.

If these Puerto Vallarta upcoming events inspire you to hop on a bike, there are several tours and rentals that will give you the opportunity to do some of your own biking. Explore the Sierra Madre mountains and waterfalls with Ecoride Mountain Bike & Hiking Tours. For less of an uphill climb, sticking to the roads with Puerto Vallarta Cycling will take you to some of the magical little towns surrounding Puerto Vallarta. While your tour may not be as daring as the downhill course, you’ll get to see another side of Mexico and all of its beauty.

Competing in Down Puerto Vallarta 2019 is a daring feat and not for the faint of heart. It requires both technical skill and nerves of steel to fly down the winding path to the sea. However, it is one of the most exciting Puerto Vallarta events to watch, so head to the Malecon on May 18 and 19 for an incredible show.

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