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Upcoming Events in Puerto Vallarta (Fall and Winter 2021)

EVENTS | Published on 17/09/2021
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The local culture of Puerto Vallarta is colorful and festive, and as you walk the cobblestone streets around the iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral Puerto Vallarta, you’ll hear the echoes of mariachi music and laughter filling the air. Throughout the year, different Puerto Vallarta events bring the community together for celebrations, delicious food, and friendly competition. As you make your travel plans, these Puerto Vallarta upcoming events will immerse you in Mexican culture, making your beach vacation an unforgettable adventure.

Sea Turtle Release Season

From the verdant jungles to the magnificent ocean, the natural environment provides the best options for what to do in Puerto Vallarta, and being part of a baby sea turtle release is one of the most miraculous experiences you can have. As sea turtles start to lay their eggs in the summer, local biologists and volunteers work to transport the nests from heavily trafficked public beaches to secure campsites. Once the eggs are ready to hatch, they invite the public out to learn about this endangered species and release newly hatched babies into the sea. Being a part of these seasonal activities between July and December will give you a greater appreciation for the environment and help support this vital species.

Restaurant Week 2021

The gastronomy in Puerto Vallarta ranges from corner taco stands to upscale gourmet restaurants, and during Restaurant Week 2021, the best kitchens showcase their signature styles with three-course menus set for their promotional offer. From September 15 to October 10, Restaurant Week is one of the most highly anticipated Puerto Vallarta upcoming events. If you have a fall trip planned, be sure to dine on these special menus at the city’s best restaurants.

Centenary of Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral Puerto Vallarta

Lighting up the Puerto Vallarta skyline is the iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral Puerto Vallarta. For 100 years, this crowned cathedral has been the heart of the community, and on October 12, the church will celebrate 100 years of serving the city of Puerto Vallarta. During the day, the Puerto Vallarta October events and celebrations include cultural and musical performances, religious festivities, and friendly sporting competitions.

Dia del Medico 3k and 5k

Dia del Medico, or Doctor’s Day, is one of the most important Puerto Vallarta October events, a chance to show appreciation for healthcare professionals, and with the 3k and 5k races on October 24, you can run alongside local doctors and take care of your own health. Depending on your fitness level, these Puerto Vallarta upcoming events will take a little training, so start lacing up your shoes now!

Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica

If you’re searching for culinary innovation and inspiration,Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica on October 29 and 30 is one of the Puerto Vallarta events you won’t want to miss. This festival brings together Michelin-starred and celebrity chefs to showcase their talents. With cooking demos and special tasting menus, these Puerto Vallarta October events will dazzle your taste buds and imagination.

Day of the Dead

As the winter approaches, Puerto Vallarta celebrates one of its most iconic seasonal activities: Day of the Dead. On November 1 and 2, families will be attending to grave sites, cleaning them up and sharing memories of their loved ones. Around town, you’ll see plenty of festive decorations and traditional altars set up to honor Mexican culture and community members who have passed away.

Lights All Night Music Festival

Lights All Night is Texas’s longest running electronic music festival, and this year on November 4-7, they’re making their international debut in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re ready to dance and soak up the DJs’ beats, this festival should be at the top of your list for what to do in Puerto Vallarta. The festival includes a variety of different Puerto Vallarta events, like morning yoga sessions, club nights, and premium beach parties.

Puerto Vallarta Half Marathon and 5k

For athletes, the options for what to do in Puerto Vallarta range from mountain biking to deep sea diving, but the most exciting seasonal activities are the road races. On November 9, streets will be closed for the Puerto Vallarta Half Marathon and 5k. Along the way, racers will get to run alongside the city’s river, main boulevard, and the marina.

Puerto Vallarta offers something for every traveler. From the culinary events during Restaurant Week 2021 and Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica to the road races and sea turtle release opportunities, there’s always something new to experience in Puerto Vallarta.

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