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Mexican Beach Volleyball

EVENTS | Published on 20/05/2019
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The spray of sand and the roar of the crowd make beach volleyball an exciting sport to watch and an adrenaline-pumping game to play. Spend the perfect beach day with friendly rounds of volleyball, or attend one of the most anticipated Puerto Vallarta upcoming events -- the Mexican Beach Volleyball Open -- and get the thrill of watching some of the best players from around the country compete against each other. Of all the Puerto Vallarta events 2019 holds, this is one of the best for spending a relaxing afternoon on the beach, taking in the sound of the crashing waves and watching the ball fly over the net.

From May 25 to 27, the competition that makes this one of the best Vallarta sport events takes over Playa Camarones on the north side of the Malecon boardwalk. It’s completely free for spectators, so you can stop to watch a single match before strolling the Malecon, or stick around and cheer teams on to victory. The day will get hot, so be sure to bring some water and sunscreen if you plan on watching the games. No matter how long you stay, this is sure to be one of the several exciting Puerto Vallarta events 2019 has this May, so be sure to be on the beach these days to catch the action.

To the untrained eye, some differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are hard to catch, such as the differences in court and ball sizes. However, at these Puerto Vallarta upcoming events, you’ll see teams of two competing in the sand. Each match is won by the best two of three sets. The first two sets are played to 21 points. However, if a third is necessary, it’s only played to 15 points to break the tie. As the players at the Vallarta sport events get closer the final point, the competition will become fiercer and more intense. Spectators’ eyes will be following the ball, waiting for it to land in the sand and the Puerto Vallarta events 2019 winner to be announced.

If these Puerto Vallarta upcoming events inspire you, the coast here is perfect for rounds of afternoon beach volleyball. Most of the all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta feature a volleyball court in the sands in front of them. A friendly game is perfect for families with older kids who can pass the ball across the net. You can even create your own Vallarta sport events and establish a friendly family tournament to play throughout the week amongst yourselves or with other travelers.

For a classic afternoon of oceanside fun, head to Playa Camarones from May 25 to 27 to catch all the action of the Mexican Beach Volleyball Open before heading back to your resort for some friendly rounds before the sun sets. This sport is the perfect combination of relaxing on the beach and getting in some exercise on vacation, so if you’re looking for what to do in Puerto Vallarta, beach volleyball is one of the best family activities to try.

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