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Celebrate Winter Season with Us! Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Events

EVENTS | Published on 25/10/2021
Optimizada winter evvents in villa del palmar puerto vallarta

As the winter season approaches, the air is filled with festivities, and the calendar at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is filled with celebrations for the winter holidays. There will be plenty of Puerto Vallarta upcoming events to experience since the city celebrates both traditional Mexican holidays and ones from the United States too. While the Revolution Day Mexico holiday is very traditional, you’ll also see people celebrate Halloween in Puerto Vallarta. From the Day of the Dead Celebration to Three Wise Men Day, these winter events will make your vacation a true cultural experience, especially when you book the new Mexican Experience at the resort.

1. Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Children love to celebrate Halloween in Puerto Vallarta, going through town chanting “Queremos Halloween! We want Halloween!” At The Market Restaurant at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, there will be a Halloween party with a terrifying buffet of savory dishes and spooky treats. For the adults, there will be an open bar, and the live band will get the party going and kick off the winter season.

2. Day of the Dead Celebration

The country’s Day of the Dead celebration is its most iconic holiday in the winter season, coming just as the weather cools off in Puerto Vallarta, and while it’s sometimes mistaken for a Halloween party, it’s a distinct celebration of life and a remembrance of those who have passed away. It also coincides with the grand opening of Mexican Experience by Villa del Palmar. On November 2, mariachi music will fill the air by the resort pool as you watch fire dancers and folkloric dancers while children break open a piñata. There will also be a Mexican buffet and open bar for the celebration.

3. Revolution Day Mexico

After the country won its independence, it took Mexico several years to come to an agreement about how the government should run, and the Revolution Day Mexico has marks its battle for more equality and democracy. With patriotic pride, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta will have a special four-course dinner at The Market Seafood Restaurant with authentic Mexican cuisine to enjoy while watching a live cultural performance.

4. A Happy Thanksgiving Dinner

Because so many international travelers visit Mexico, the winter holidays in Puerto Vallarta include Thanksgiving. While Mexican fare is the favorite cuisine in most of the year, the resort will make sure you have a happy Thanksgiving dinner on November 25 at The Market Seafood Restaurant with all the traditional dishes and turkey.

5. Christmas Tree Lighting

The Puerto Vallarta upcoming events calendar includes several Christmas celebrations, and to kick off these winter holidays, Villa del Palmar will hold their traditional Christmas tree lighting on December 3 in the hotel lobby, one of the most memorable moments of winter in Puerto Vallarta for guests staying at the resort. There will also be ornament decorating crafts for kids during the day to help them participate.

6. Traditional Christmas Posada

In the weeks leading up to the main Christmas holiday celebration, families and friends gather in homes for traditional parties called posadas. Experience one of these winter events at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta on December 14. During the day, kids can participate in piñata crafts, and later, as you sip Mexican Christmas punch and favorite holiday dishes, there will be mariachi music, piñatas, and an open bar at the resort pool.

7. Christmas Eve Dinner

In Mexico, the main Christmas holiday celebration is on the 24th, and if you’re spending winter in Puerto Vallarta, this will be a special part of your Mexican experience. During the day, kids will be busy writing letters to Santa with the resort’s entertainment staff, and at night, everyone will gather at The Market Seafood Restaurant for a Christmas Eve dinner with a Mexican buffet, open bar, Latin show, and live music.

8. Christmas Holiday Celebration

If you didn’t eat enough at the Christmas Eve dinner, the winter events continue the next day. Santa will be sitting out by the pool to greet all the kids while you celebrate Christmas at the beach. In the evening, there will be a Christmas show with buffet dinner, domestic open bar, and live music at The Market Seafood and La Trattoria restaurants to top off the day.

9. New Years Eve Dinner

Spend the last moments of the year at one of the most highly-anticipated Puerto Vallarta upcoming events, the New Years Eve dinner and party by the beach and pool at Villa del Palmar. In addition to an international buffet, there will be a Huichol performance that showcases the area’s indigenous culture.

10. New Years Day Brunch

After staying up late celebrating at the New Years Eve dinner, start your year off with a relaxing brunch at La Trattoria and Yashinoki restaurants. With drinks and a mariachi band, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy these first moments of the year and the sunny winter in Puerto Vallarta.

11. Three Wise Men Day

The winter holidays end on January 6 with Three Wise Men Day when everyone will gather in the resort lobby for a traditional Rosca de Reyes. Tradition says that whoever finds the plastic baby Jesus hidden in the cake has to bring tamales to the first spring holiday, Dia de Candelaria, or day of Candle mass, on February 2nd.

Whether your vacation includes a spooky Halloween party or a happy Thanksgiving dinner, celebrating the season at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta will give you a unique taste of the local culture.¡Celebra la Temporada de invierno con Nosotros!

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