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Upcoming Athletic Events in Puerto Vallarta

EVENTS | Published on 28/03/2019
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The warm weather in Puerto Vallarta makes it the perfect environment for athletes to train and for visitors to be outside and active. With the fresh seabreeze, you can enjoy a morning of running along the picturesque Malecon boardwalk, biking along trails, or walking on the beach during your Puerto Vallarta vacation. Athletic visitors or tourists looking to try something new can challenge themselves in one of the upcoming athletic events to take place in the city. This spring, PV will be holding a major bike race, a full marathon, and a star-studded tennis tournament; three athletic events that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re participating in one of these athletic sports events or cheering from the sidelines, these are some of the liveliest Puerto Vallarta events to take place in the next few months.

The 2nd Tourist Tour Puerto Vallarta is approaching on March 3, a day when bicycles take over the streets in long-distance races. The event has 21, 72, and 100 kilometer races that will take bikers from downtown Puerto Vallarta to as far as Punta de Mita. Along the way, aid and hydration stations will help ensure the safety of all the bikers. If you’re heading out on a Puerto Vallarta vacation at this time but can’t bring a bike with you, Puerto Vallarta Cycling is offering a special rental option for the 2nd Tourist Tour Puerto Vallarta, making it easy for everyone to participate in the bike race.

Join in one of the world’s classic sporting events at the Puerto Vallarta Marathon 2019 on April 7. As one of the premier athletic events, running this race with a distance of 26.2 miles is a true accomplishment. The Puerto Vallarta Marathon 2019 will challenge runners to push themselves to their limits while taking them along palm-lined streets through the diversity of the city. If you haven’t been training for such a grueling test of strength, sign up for the half marathon or 5k race. Each of the races begin in the API marina across from Wal-Mart, so groups who are running different distances can all start together and meet up at the end. If you’re wanting to participate in any of the races during the Puerto Vallarta Marathon 2019, you’ll need to sign up by the end of March. Of all of the athletic events running around this time of year, this oneis sure to be a grand spectacle.

While you probably won’t qualify to compete in the Puerto Vallarta Open, it is a chance for you to watch high-level professional tennis champions up close. On April 27-28, you can watch some of the greatest tennis players from around the world gathered for intense competition at one of the most exciting Puerto Vallarta events. The Puerto Vallarta Open is located conveniently across from the Hotel Zone and tickets are available at the gates. Once you’re at the Puerto Vallarta Open, you can order a drink, sit back, and enjoy the matches! This athletic sports event will surely be among the highlights of your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

Whether you rent a bike for the 2nd Tourist Tour Puerto Vallarta, join in one of the races, or watch the professional tennis players sweat it out, these athletic events will add something new to your Puerto Vallarta vacation. Participating in any of the athletic events running this time of year will keep you active and healthy on vacation and give you a different perspective of the city. With the fresh air, warm breeze, and these incredible Puerto Vallarta events, you’ll find the idea of getting out and being active particularly inviting. Afterwards, you can lay by the pool and reward yourself with a cold drink and sizzling tacos.

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