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Whale Watching Season in Puerto Vallarta 2022 - 2023

For many travelers, winter is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta, giving them a chance to trade their coats and scarves for shorts and sandals, and the visitors to the city also include migratory…

Published on 10.01.2022


Puerto Vallarta Vacation Tips for 2022

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican coastal destination that offers something for everyone. It’s one of the top beach destinations whether you’re wanting to relax by the pool, hike in the jungle, or immerse…

Published on 31.12.2021


Enjoy Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

Make your holidays merry and bright this year with a Puerto Vallarta Christmas vacation, and spend your days celebrating the local festivities and soaking up the warm weather and sunshine. Instead of…

Published on 15.12.2021


Christmas Eve Dinner in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, the holidays are always merry and bright, and while it won’t be a white Christmas, you won’t be missing the snow with all the great winter activities in the tropics and the festive…

Published on 08.12.2021


New Year's Eve Celebration in Puerto Vallarta

The end of a year and the beginning of the next brings cause for celebration of all that’s happened and excitement for what’s to come, and in Puerto Vallarta, the New Year celebration is on the beach…

Published on 08.12.2021


Puerto Vallarta Thanksgiving 2022

As the holiday season brings the year to a close, Thanksgiving is a time to surround yourself with loved ones and reflect on all the big events and small moments that have brought joy to your year…

Published on 22.11.2021


How to Take Advantage of Travel Offers on Black Friday

There are countless advantages to shopping around during a Black Friday sale, but many businesses are starting to put out even better sales beforehand so that customers don’t feel rushed to make…

Published on 19.11.2021


Mexican Christmas Traditions in Puerto Vallarta

While you might not typically think of tropical beaches as the best places to spend Christmas, holiday traditions are festive and cheery in the coastal town of Puerto Vallarta. As the Christmas season…

Published on 18.11.2021


4th Craft Beer Festival Announced in Puerto Vallarta 2021

Mexican beers, like Corona, are famous throughout the world, but regional brewers are turning their attention to small batches of craft beer. With the city’s large number of tourists, the craft beer…

Published on 01.11.2021


Celebrate Winter Season with Us! Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Events 2021

As the winter season approaches, the air is filled with festivities, and the calendar at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is filled with celebrations for the winter holidays. There will be plenty of…

Published on 25.10.2021


Travel Guide to Marina Vallarta: Places, Restaurants and Activities

While it still feels like a small town, Puerto Vallarta is made up of distinct neighborhoods, each with their own attractions, and strolling through different places to visit in Puerto Vallarta will…

Published on 12.10.2021


Puerto Vallarta Street Art

The beauty of Puerto Vallarta has captured the imagination of travelers and artists, and as you stroll the cobblestone streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta, you’ll stumble across vibrant murals and…

Published on 01.10.2021


Restaurant Week Puerto Vallarta

The culinary scene in Puerto Vallarta is exquisite and diverse, giving expert foodies and even picky eaters something new to savor at every meal. The best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta serve the…

Published on 23.09.2021


Weather Updates in Puerto Vallarta

When is Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta? Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta typically runs from August to September, with an occasional storm making its way to the seaside destination in early…

Published on 01.09.2021


Most Active Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta

When you think of Puerto Vallarta weather, you’re probably dreaming of the sun sparkling on ocean waves and the touch of the tropical breeze, but like most of the world, the city experiences different…

Published on 27.08.2021
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