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Things to Remember When Planning Your Puerto Vallarta Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 07/06/2019
Optimizada pareja feliz en puerto vallarta

As you cross off the days leading up to your wedding, there’s probably a million thoughts fluttering through your head and heart. What shoes will you wear? Will the flower girl get nervous? What if it rains? Planning Puerto Vallarta destination weddings brings other concerns to brides’ minds, but researching and planning ahead go a long way in helping calm your pre-wedding jitters. With professional teams and all inclusive wedding packages on their side, hundreds of brides each year create their dream Puerto Vallarta destination weddings with ease. Having a powerhouse team working to execute the perfect wedding is a lifesaver when coordinating a foreign wedding, but there are a few things to remember for wedding planning in Puerto Vallarta that will personalize your day.

Check the Wedding Weather

The most popular Puerto Vallarta wedding venues are on the sandy shores at sunset when the clouds are painted brilliant shades of orange and pink. However, depending on the time of year, some Puerto Vallarta destination weddings have to duck for cover from the rain inside elegant resort ballrooms. Even though this may not have been those brides’ dreams for their Puerto Vallarta wedding venues, the beauty of the halls and views of the waves create intimate moments to say “I do.” If you’re worried about rain on your big day, discuss alternative Puerto Vallarta wedding venues with your wedding planner.

Research Legal Requirements

 Some brides opt to legally marry in their home countries and have ceremonial Puerto Vallarta destination weddings to honor their love and commitment. Other brides celebrate their marriage and commemorate the day by legally marrying in Puerto Vallarta. If this idea speaks to your heart and love story, talk with your wedding planner about how to get legally married in Mexico early on in your process of wedding planning in Puerto Vallarta.

Set Up A Timeline For The Day

While all inclusive wedding packages in paradise sound like a breeze, the day of can still be filled with friends and family rushing about and taking care of a million little details. To simplify all of this, most Puerto Vallarta wedding packages include the services of an experienced wedding coordinator who can help you think through the logistics of your wedding day. Beforehand, you can work together to create a timeline for getting your hair and makeup done, taking photos, seating guests, walking down the aisle, and sharing toasts.

Remember To Remind Others

Once you’ve got your plan all set, it’s time to start reminding your guests about all the details. Many brides create custom wedding websites as a central information hub. Guests can check here to RSVP, book accommodations, and look up directions to the venue. Wedding planning in Puerto Vallarta is much easier when all the details are in one place.

Create A Culture Of Celebration

All inclusive wedding packages give you access to the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta with all the amenities you need for a vacation of celebration. As your guests arrive, greet them with a simple welcome package in their room, including an itinerary for any planned outings and activities. Set up a volleyball tournament on the beach or organize a tour of the city. These events will bring both sides together to celebrate your love and get to know each other better as they prepare to become one family.

While browsing Puerto Vallarta wedding packages on a dreary winter day is easy, pulling off a wedding in a foreign country takes serious research and lots of communication. Puerto Vallarta wedding packages include many of the details and services you need to make your wedding dreams a reality, but there are a few other things to consider that will personalize your day and take the stress off your shoulders.

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