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What is a Wedding in Mexico Like?

WEDDINGS | Published on 24/05/2021
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At the heart of Mexican culture is family, and weddings are festive occasions for everyone to come together to celebrate love. Surrounded by family and love, the couple will take their vows during the ceremony and then dance the night away. While a Mexican wedding has elements and traditions similar to those used in other parts of the world, there are a few things unique to the culture. If you’re invited to a traditional wedding in Mexico or in the US, you’ll be part of a sacred and joyful celebration. Knowing a little about Mexican wedding traditions will help you immerse yourself in the festivities, and if you’re planning a Mexico destination wedding, you’ll be able to incorporate local elements into your big day.

A Traditional Wedding in Mexico

Marriage in Mexico is an important part of the Catholic religion, and for most families, a Mexican wedding is held in the local church during a full mass. During the ceremony, you’ll recognize traditional prayers and sacraments, but there will likely be a few aspects unique to Mexican culture. For a traditional wedding in Mexico, the bride and groom will ask a married couple to be their padrinos, or godparents, for the ceremony. This couple represents the type of marriage they hope to have, one of love and commitment over many years. During the ceremony, the padrinos typically tie a large rosary called a lazo to bind them together in love and prayer. Other Mexican wedding traditions include giving the couple 13 gold coins to represent Christ and his apostles, making vows, and exchanging rings.

Mexican Wedding Reception

After the Mexican wedding ceremony, it’s time to celebrate, and for the reception, even more family members and friends show up. Mexican wedding food is typically a formal dinner, including steak, chicken, and roasted vegetables, and traditional dishes, like enchiladas and tacos, are also popular options. Depending on where the wedding is, there are different regional Mexican wedding food menus, like seafood on the coast. After the meal, it’s time to dance. One of the Mexican wedding traditions is a money dance, where guests can pin dollars onto the couple to have the chance to dance with them, giving them an extra gift to send them off onto their honeymoon. These festivities go on long into the night, and many parties won’t end until the early morning hours.

Best Wedding Destinations in Mexico

A Mexico destination wedding on the beach is a popular choice for couples from all over Mexico and from around the world. The country’s coast is lined with idyllic beaches and luxury resorts, and their all-inclusive wedding packages make them the best wedding destinations in Mexico. Their on-staff wedding planners and amenities simplify the planning process, and their gourmet restaurants have some of the best Mexican wedding food. Gathering all your family and friends for a Mexico destination wedding allows you to spend more time together as you relax and celebrate in the days leading up to the ceremony. When it’s time to walk down the aisle, couples from other countries can opt to do a legal ceremony, a traditional Catholic ceremony, or a simple symbolic ceremony.

Marriage in Mexico is an important ceremony for families, bringing together extended relatives and celebrating the union of a couple. Whether you’re getting ready to attend a traditional ceremony or you’re planning to say “I do” in one of the best wedding destinations in Mexico, understanding these unique traditions will help you immerse yourself in the culture.

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