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Puerto Vallarta Reinforces Sanitary Measures

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 02/11/2020
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It has been months since the world was tipped upside down as news of the novel Coronavirus spread, and while sanitary measures and Covid-19 protocols have been strictly enforced, the current pandemic is far from over. As the second wave of infections hits major cities throughout Europe, destinations, such as Puerto Vallarta, are reinforcing safety measures to keep their communities safe. For those who have booked their vacation to Puerto Vallarta or are looking forward to spending time in the city, the news of a Puerto Vallarta lockdown may seem a bit scary, but the reality is that the Puerto Vallarta travel advisory is nothing more than a precautionary measure that aims to keep Puerto Vallarta Covid-19 cases to a minimum. If you are wondering is Puerto Vallarta safe to travel to, rest assured that the city continues to be one of the safest destinations in Mexico. Here is everything you need to know about the Puerto Vallarta shutdown.

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe to Travel to?

Puerto Vallarta safety warnings may have you wondering “is Puerto Vallarta safe to travel to?” While Puerto Vallarta Coronavirus cases do exist, the city is still one of the safest destinations in Mexico and visitors abiding by the Puerto Vallarta Covid-19 protocols should have nothing to worry about. The airport, resorts, restaurants, and tour companies are doing their part to keep travelers and the local community safe, as are townspeople out and about throughout the day. The state of Jalisco, where Puerto Vallarta is located, did hit the “emergency button,” but it is still ninth in the country in terms of positive Coronavirus cases despite being one of the largest in populations. This is due largely in part to the extra precautionary measures, such as the partial Puerto Vallarta lockdown, the government has taken to fight the disease.

Is Puerto Vallarta Shut Down?

No, there is no current shut down. There is, however, preventive measures, which some have confused with a Puerto Vallarta lockdown. These preventive measures has been instituted from October 31st to November 14th throughout the entire state. In order to curb the recent increase in cases throughout the state of Jalisco, the state government decided to hit what they call the “emergency button.” This precautionary step halts all non-essential business throughout the state, but large exceptions have been made to the Puerto Vallarta travel advisory, instituting instead a preventive measures from 10:30 pm to 6 am. Because Puerto Vallarta coronavirus cases have remained at a manageable level and because the city is so important to the economic livelihood of the state, Puerto Vallarta has been allowed to stay open throughout the day.

Puerto Vallarta Safety Warnings

Much like the rest of the world, the city of Puerto Vallarta has asked visitors and those who live there to abide by certain protocols in order to keep Puerto Vallarta Covid-19 cases at a manageable level. The Puerto Vallarta Coronavirus protocols include the use of a facemask at all times when out in public. You’ll also find your temperature being taken before you’re allowed to enter stores and restaurants, and hand sanitizer is available almost everywhere you look. In addition, during the current Puerto Vallarta travel advisory, businesses will cease to operate after 8:30pm, as will most public transportation and dine-in restaurants. Hotels, hospitals, and food delivery will still be available. 

While some have taken to the news to spread rumors that the Mexican government has Puerto Vallarta shut down, this is far from the truth. Those wishing for official information about the Puerto Vallarta safety warnings can look here. The most important thing to know is that visitors can still relish in the fun activities that await in the seaside destination throughout the day and guests visiting their favorite hotels throughout the city can still play in the pool, relax by the beach, and take advantage of the many luxuries that come with resort life.

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