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Health and Sanitation Program for Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 22/05/2020
Villa del mar vallarta preventive measures

As a leader in the local economy, Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta was one of the first resorts to implement security measures and temporarily close their doors before the coronavirus outbreak hit and even before the government required hotels to close. Because of preventive measures such as these, the COVID-19 curve in Puerto Vallarta has flattened, and after making it through the main period of the pandemic, the government has announced that resorts can start to welcome back guests as long as they follow the best precautionary measures and implement increased resort cleaningand disinfection practices. As Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta prepares to welcome back visitors to the sunny shores of Mexico, the staff is taking extra safety measures and increasing standard cleaning to help ensure the safety of the entire Villa del Mar family.

While guests were away, a limited number of staff members worked at the resort and performed a deep cleaning and disinfection of suites, common spaces, and offices. General maintenance and improvements were made throughout the property and new protocols were set in place. As the resort reopens, hotel safety tips are also being followed to ensure the health of both staff and guests.

Alan Pujol, Director of Operations for the Vallarta-Nayarit Region of The Villa Group Resorts, emphasized the importance of their new protocols. “At The Villa Group Resorts, we remain committed to keeping our guests, staff, and community safe. During this time, employees are being trained on the symptoms of the coronavirus, and everyone is abiding by the preventive measures, disinfectant cleaning standards, and good hygiene practices we have implemented at our resorts. By creating new security measures such as these, guests will be able to safely return to their favorite destination time and time again.”

With these new precautionary measures, the resort is doing its best to keep the virus out. One of the first security measures you’ll notice is noninvasive temperature screenings for all employees and guests entering the resort using zero-contact thermometers. In addition, one of the new preventive measures will be freshly laundered uniforms given to the staff daily when they arrive at the resort to change into. These new safety measures are designed to keep the virus out of the Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta, but should a guest or staff member become ill, there are security measures ready to be implemented to contain the virus. 

Within the resort, the importance of cleanliness is being stressed with new infection control measures focused on good hygiene practices. On top of the usual resort cleaning that makes Villa del Mar an oasis, new standard cleaning and disinfection protocols will be used to kill any viruses on surfaces. The focus of the disinfectant cleaning will be on commonly touched surfaces, like desks, doorknobs, tables, lightswitches, computers, and phones. Throughout the hotel, you’ll also have access to antibacterial hand sanitizer to help you with good hygiene practices and you’ll be encouraged to wash your hands as much as possible. These new resort cleaning processes and infection control measures will keep Villa del Mar safe and sparkling. While disinfectant cleaning doesn’t sound like part of a typical Puerto Vallarta vacation, remembering the importance of cleanliness is key to fighting the coronavirus.

You’ll likely also notice some hotel safety tips being used throughout common areas of the resort. The capacity of restaurants and dining rooms will be smaller in the coming months, but you’ll still be able to enjoy all your favorite Mexican dishes. Some services, like valet parking and direct meal preparation, will be altered to follow new hotel safety tips. However, these infection control measures will keep the friendly staff safe and won’t interrupt your dream vacation. 

Even with all these new precautionary measures, getting away to the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta is still the ultimate vacation. While keeping the importance of cleanliness in mind, you can jump in the pool, stroll along the beach, and relax over a meal of your favorite Mexican classics. At the end of the day, knowing the new standard cleaning processes will make jumping into a fresh bed in a sumptuous suite even sweeter. Each of these safety measures will help make Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta your place to relax and unwind this summer. 

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