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Every day, travelers from all over the world pass through the Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport, their bags filled with swimsuits and sunblock for days spent on the beach. Because the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is the starting point for so many adventures, travel safety is paramount for the city’s leaders, but when the quarantine began, many travelers began asking “Is the Puerto Vallarta Airport open?” Throughout the year, the Puerto Vallarta airport has continued to help travelers reach their destinations with sanitation measures and safety protocols in place to respond to the Coronavirus. Due to their diligence, the latest Puerto Vallarta airport news announced that the Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport received the Airport Council International Health Accreditation and became an ACI airport.

The Airports Council International works around the world to promote responsible legislation related to airport development, create cooperation between members of the aviation industry, and help develop airports’ abilities to maintain safe and eco-friendly transport systems. When the travel industry was impacted by COVID-19, the Airports Council International stepped up and created the Airport Health Accreditation program,an assessment for airports to make sure their practices aligned with those of the ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and the ICAO Council Aviation Restart Task Force. The AHA program helps airports develop and maintain consistent preventive measures and health protocols, and when travelers visit an ACI airport, they can feel confident and secure, knowing that their health and safety is a top priority.

While some were left wondering “Is the Puerto Vallarta Airport open?”, the reality is that the airport has received an increasing number of flights throughout the year, and because the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is a major transportation hub, travelers from all over the world land and depart from this spot every day. To protect employees, travelers, and the local community, the leadership at the Puerto Vallarta airport responded quickly and implemented the protocols recommended by the AHA program. This has included requiring passengers to wear masks inside the airport and practice social distancing at boarding gates and in lines. In addition, the airport modified different spaces to ensure travelers can socially distance with ease. By making these changes, not only has the Puerto Vallarta airport news included becoming an ACI airport, but these AHA program steps have protected the community throughout the year.

It’s not just the Puerto Vallarta International Airport that’s been recognized for consistently enforcing health and safety protocols. The city as a whole has received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council, noting the preventive measures taken throughout the community, and some specific resorts have received this award as well. For those who have been wondering “Is the Puerto Vallarta Airport open?” and have been dreaming about escaping to the beach, be sure to read through different resorts’ health and sanitation programs to make sure you’re in safe hands.

While this Puerto Vallarta airport news is exciting and reassuring, it’s up to individual travelers to follow the airport’s rules and guidelines. By doing so, you’re helping to protect the vibrant community of Puerto Vallarta and your fellow travelers. From the moment you land at the Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport until you leave, it’s important to respect the guidelines throughout the city so that the community can continue to thrive and welcome international guests.

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