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What is a 'Workation'? - The Benefits of Combining Work and Vacations

LIFESTYLE | Published on 11/09/2020
Workation definition

Working on vacation used to be a major faux pas, and it meant that you were an aggressive workaholic, but now that many jobs have moved online, taking a workation may be just the thing to switch things up for more creativity and flexibility. What is a workation? The workation definition is simple: it’s work + a vacation. If you’re able to work remotely, you’ll be able to continue your job without taking paid time off, and in the meantime, you can take a break on the beach. At the end of the day, staying at a resort means you can truly unwind at five o’clock without having to worry about getting supper on the table or vacuuming the floor. This year, take a work vacation, and see what it’s like to work in paradise.

Why Take a Workation

While most people take a vacation to escape work, there are many benefits of work and vacations being done together. One of the top benefits is that you won’t have to request time off. If you know how to work online, you can trade the office cubicle in normal circumstances or your current home office for a spot overlooking the ocean, and when you’re done, it’s time to play. Since you won’t have to worry about laundry and food prep, you’re free to enjoy leisurely dinners, rounds of golf, or strolls down the beach. All of this will leave you refreshed and energized for another day of working on vacation, and the change of scenery can help spark some creativity and productivity. 

When to Take a Workation

The best time to experience what is a workation for yourself is during a destination’s low season, and the fall, when families are back to school and summer’s over, is the perfect time to travel for work and vacation. Without the hubbub of families and tourists, you’ll have the quiet you need for how to work online, and when it’s time to play, you’ll be able to find discounts on activities and tours, and the streets and beaches will be less crowded. 

Where to Go for a Workation

While the workation definition is straightforward, there are a million places you could choose to work remotely from. For some, the lure of the big city with musicals and museums draws them away from home, but for most, the idea of slowing down and being surrounded by nature makes the benefits of work and vacations extra special, especially right now, when social distancing is still being encouraged throughout the world. No matter where you go for work and vacation, the key to how to work online right now is a reliable internet connection and a destination that is free of or has low levels of Coronavirus. While you may be tempted to explore remote corners of the planet or big cities, you’ll need to rethink where you go to work remotely. The sunny shores of Mexico has become a haven for those looking to take a workation, and due to the fact that the most recent travel advisory reduced the risk of travel from a level four to a level three, visiting the beaches of Mexico has become an even better option for your workation. Regardless of where you go, choosing a tranquil setting is key to being productive on your work vacation. 

What to Do on a Workation

One of the benefits of work and vacations being at the same time is that you get to relax without falling behind, but to do this well requires a bit of a balance. You’ll be tempted to run out the door by the calm beaches and exciting tours, so it’s important to create a schedule to keep you focused on both work and vacation. It will also make it easier for you to stay in contact with team members and coworkers back home during your work vacation. However, the workation definition includes vacation, so when your scheduled time for work is done, close out of your email and shut down your laptop. Without seeking the inspiration and relaxation of a tropical destination, working on vacation won’t recharge you any more than staying at home would. 

While a work vacation may not sound relaxing, taking time to escape your regular routine can inspire you with creativity and recharge your energy, and by combining work and vacation, you won’t feel behind when you go home. When your coworkers see what you’ve accomplished and the stunning photos you’ve posted, they’ll be asking you “What is a workation?”

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