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Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Opens La Cantina Sports Bar

NEWS | Published on 15/06/2022
Optimizada la cantina sports bar

When people think about Mexico, it’s synonymous with a lot of colors, deep cultural traditions, vibrant spirit, and warm hospitality. In homage to all these traits, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is proud to introduce La Cantina Sports Bar, a newly remodeled sports bar emerges as one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta to watch matches and other sporting events.

Mexican-style Sports Bar

La Cantina is definitely a bar with a unique and new concept. It features Mexican motifs and colorful murals, ranging from maguey with the phrase “México lindo y querido” to Huichol-style figures. Several “La Loteria” cards (one of the most popular games in Mexico) hang from the ceiling as both decoration and lights. These and other elements of this new concept are just a few things to portray its uniqueness.

The Cuisine at La Cantina

If anything makes La Cantina one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta, it's its food and drinks. In addition to several national and imported beer brands, its expert bartenders prepare exquisite cocktails for all tastes and palates. Ask for your favorite drink, or let them surprise you with some signature creations.

After a few drinks, grab the menu and you’ll find the typical American cuisine that we love so much when we’re watching sports. Food like chicken wings, burgers, french fries, onion rings, and cheese fingers, among other delicious options that are prepared to perfection.

The Best Place to Watch Sports

La Cantina's facilities are ideal for meeting up with your friends and watching your favorite teams play. With surround sound and countless screens that allow you to watch different games from anywhere in the bar, you feel like you're in the stadium.

This modern sports bar has many satellites and contracted streaming services, so it’s undoubtedly the best place to watch football, basketball, baseball, American football, hockey, tennis, motorsport, boxing, or any other sports and competitions you may like.

How about making this your meeting spot with your circle of friends weekly? One thing is for sure, you’ll want to be here to watch the world's biggest sporting events like the World Cup, the Olympic Games, and the Super Bowl.

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

In order to offer true immersion into Mexican culture, Villa del Palmar has created La Cantina, the only sports bar with a Mexican ambiance in Puerto Vallarta. Since its grand opening, it has quickly earned a place among the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for its outstanding gastronomy, unparalleled style, and beautiful decor.

A sports bar for one and all

Although La Cantina is a part of Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, an all inclusive resort, this sports bar is open to the general public. With access to the main boulevard, you can visit La Cantina without going through the hotel. This bar opens in Puerto Vallarta and offers the possibility of meeting or knowing locals and having real cultural exchanges and Mexican experiences.

With so many bars in Vallarta, it can be hard to find the best. But the good news is, La Cantina has the same standards of quality and service as all the restaurants and bars at The Villa Group Resorts do, so you know what to expect - nothing but the absolute best!

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