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Culinary Fests

By the Villa Group

About Culinary Fests 2020

It is hard to visit the destination of Puerto Vallarta without noticing the culinary greatness that permeates the town, leaving visitors with mouthwatering memories that bring them back time and time again. At The Villa Group Resorts, Villa del Mar and Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta host a series of Culinary Fests each year to honor the succulent gastronomy of Mexico. In addition to an array of delicious cuisine, guests who partake in the festivities can also enjoy the cultural demonstrations, live entertainment, and vibrant activities that take place throughout each of these spectacular Culinary Festivals.


Cuisine of the Sun Cabo - May 19 - 22, 2020
ABOUT THE CUISINE OF THE SUN LOS CABOS Get ready for an explosion of talent, flavor, and entertainment at The…
Gastronomic Journey - JULY 14 -17
ABOUT THE GASTRONOMIC JOURNEYSee for yourself why The Villa Group Resorts in Cabo San Lucas have been given numerous…
Flavors of Mexico - June 3-5, 2020
ABOUT THE FLAVORS OF MEXICODelight in the flavors of Mexico at a three-day festival that will highlight the very…
To Beer or Not To Beer - August 26-28
ABOUT TO BEER OR NOT TO BEERTo Beer Or Not to Beer, that is the question. During the three-day…
Wellness Week - April 2-5, 2020
ABOUT WELLNESS WEEKThere is never a more perfect moment to start taking better care of yourself than right now!…
Magic Towns of Jalisco - May 18-21, 2020
ABOUT THE MAGIC TOWNS OF JALISCO - Villa del Palmar Puerto VallartaThere is so much to love about the…
Fest of the Seas - October 12-15
ABOUT THE FEST OF THE SEASCelebrate the bounty of the seas at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, where you’ll…

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