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Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta for a Wellness Vacation

WELLNESS | Published on 17/04/2020
Optimizada puerto vallarta wellness vacations

The wellness vacations Puerto Vallarta offers are the perfect chance to enjoy the best of the city while healing your body and mind. While there are a number of wellness retreats Puerto Vallarta has, you can create your own weekend wellness retreat with a little intentional planning. Because it’s one of the top wellness travel destinations, you’ll find plenty of unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta that will let you experience the beauty of the local culture as you unwind and recharge.

Practice Mindfulness

The best wellness retreats Puerto Vallarta has are based on the idea that practicing mindfulness can shape your day. When you wake up in one of the luxurious all inclusive wellness resorts, take a moment to soak in the sunrise reflecting on the surface of the sea. As you do, listen to a guided meditation, write in a journal, make a list of things you're thankful for, and set an intention for the day. These intentions will set the flow for your day, and they can be as simple as “Today, I’ll move my body with intention” or “I intend to see beauty everywhere I look.”

Surround Yourself with Nature

Puerto Vallarta is one of the top wellness travel destinations, nestled between verdant mountains and the peaceful ocean waters. Here, the mountains meet the sea, and no matter where you are in town, it’s easy to look out and see palm trees rustling in the breeze or sunlight glittering on the water. When it comes to what to do in Puerto Vallarta, hiking through the jungles to hidden waterfalls is one of the best ways to escape the city and get in touch with nature. You can also head out to sea for a day of sailing and snorkeling. Being outside will give you one of the best wellness vacations Puerto Vallarta has. 

Be Active

The unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta like scuba diving and surfing will keep you active, an important part of all the wellness retreats Puerto Vallarta offers. Yoga wellness is also a traditional part of weekend wellness retreats, and throughout downtown Puerto Vallarta, you can find a number of yoga studios where you can pop in for a class. One of the best ways to practice yoga wellness in Puerto Vallarta is with a class on the beach where you might even spot dolphins while stretching. If you’re unfamiliar with yoga wellness or prefer to practice within the privacy of your own resort suite, there’s a number of free online videos that will guide you. 

Fuel Your Body

As you participate in all these unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll need to fuel your body with nutrients and vitamins, and with an abundance of fresh produce and seafood, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best wellness travel destinations for foodies. As you stroll the cobblestone streets, you’ll come across several different health food restaurants, many catering to vegetarian and vegan diets. These health food restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, but make sure to try the vegan tacos made from veggies, jamaica flowers, and beans. With the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, these health food restaurants will leave your belly satisfied and your body ready for more adventures.

Care for Your Body

When it comes to what to do in Puerto Vallarta on a weekend wellness retreat, there’s nothing like an afternoon of pampering at one of the peaceful spas in Puerto Vallarta. The top all inclusive wellness resorts are home to some of the best spas in Puerto Vallarta that combine the best of modern spa advancements with traditional healing techniques for services designed to heal your skin, joints, and muscles, giving you all the spa benefits you need after vacation adventures. If you’ve been out in the sun, look for services and spa benefits that focus on moisturizing the skin with aloe vera. Receiving all these spa benefits while relaxing in the tranquil environment of one of the best all inclusive wellness resorts in Puerto Vallarta will leave you feeling relaxed mentally and physically.

From the hidden waterfalls in the jungles to the luxurious spas in Puerto Vallarta, the city is ideal for taking care of your body and mind. With simple and intentional planning based on this list of what to do in Puerto Vallarta, you can enjoy one of the best wellness vacations Puerto Vallarta can offer whenever you visit.

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