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The Top 3 Body Treatments at the Bay Breeze Spa

WELLNESS | Published on 04/08/2018
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Vacations at Villa Del Palmar Puerto Vallarta mean a combination of two things: exhilarating family adventures to create lifelong memories and rejuvenating moments of tranquility to restore your body and mind. Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect place to find space for all that and more. The warm sands along Banderas Bay, which stretch out in front of the beachfront hotel in Puerto Vallarta, provide a place for your family to play and participate in creative and engaging activities while the world-class Bay Breeze Spa delivers luxurious spa treatments to pamper your body within the serenity of one of the top Puerto Vallarta spas. Each of the exclusive body treatments combines the healing properties of nature with traditional relaxation techniques to increase overall wellness. These top three body treatments at the Bay Breeze Spa leave you refreshed to enjoy our spa resort before returning home.

Radiance Coconut Body Polish

One of our top body treatments that brings healing to all areas of the body is the Radiance Coconut Body Polish. Inspired by the fruit of the towering palms that surround Villa Del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, this lavish spa treatment focuses on hydration to protect your skin from drying out in the sun. These types of body treatments are best before tanning or spending time outdoors because they help prevent sun damage to the skin. The Radiance Coconut Body Polish uses a gentle body exfoliant with rich organic coconut oil to purify skin and remove dead cells. Skin is then polished with a deeply moisturizing cream to leave it feeling smooth and hydrated. With just 30 minutes at one of the most calming Puerto Vallarta spas, your skin’s wellness will be refreshed and protected during your beach vacation.

Grapefruit Detoxifying Indulgence

Another one of the best spa body treatments available at Bay Breeze Spa is the Grapefruit Detoxifying Indulgence. This lavish experience detoxifies the body to restore balance. After a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, the body is massaged with warm grapefruit cream to hydrate the skin and please the senses. To remove stress and toxins, the body is then wrapped in thermal blankets, which work to pull impurities out of the body that may be harmful. Detoxing spa treatments increase overall wellness as they purify the body and bring a healthier balance to internal organs. These types of body treatments are perfect for everyone as our daily lives tend to allow toxins to build up throughout the year. After 60 minutes of detoxing at Bay Breeze Spa, you’ll feel as pure as the sea breeze that flows through our beautiful spa resort in Puerto Vallarta.

Silk & Honey Body Therapy

Silk & Honey Body Therapy is one of our most popular spa treatments. It uses the healing properties of honey, a natural substance that has a wide range of wellness benefits. As one of the best spa body treatments, this therapy appeals to the physical senses with the sweet, warm aroma of honey as it restores peace to the body through massage and moisturizers. Within 60 minutes, your skin will be nourished and healed. Honey is an excellent salve for sunburns, and it has antibacterial properties that cleanse acne and antioxidant properties that keep skin youthful. Find restoration at our resort spa as you indulge in our exclusive Silk & Honey Body Therapy body treatments.

Enjoy the best of lavish relaxation with the best spa body treatments found exclusively at Bay Breeze Spa. Our top three types of body treatments provide an array of healing benefits with sensual natural properties. Allow our expert team to create a rejuvenating experience within the tranquil oasis of our spa resort to refresh you as you enjoy the adventures and beauty that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Indulge at one of the most luxurious Puerto Vallarta spas without leaving your resort when you stay at Villa Del Palmar Puerto Vallarta.

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