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Why Puerto Vallarta is the Perfect Wellness Destination

WELLNESS | Published on 15/05/2019
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Wellness vacations are growing in popularity, and it’s clear why. Instead of returning home from your travels feeling bloated and exhausted, investing in yourself in the world’s most tranquil wellness travel destinations leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Incorporating healthy habits into your travels forces you to slow down and be intentional with your time. Puerto Vallarta is a fresh destination for wellness retreats in Mexico and for travelers who want to make healthy choices with their activities and meals on vacation. If you’re interested in wellness vacations, check out the magical qualities that make Puerto Vallarta the perfect wellness destination.

Fresh Air

As soon as you step off the plane, the warm sea breeze greets you, and the sun kisses your shoulders. The fresh air invites you outside to breathe deeply and take in the untouched beauty surrounding Puerto Vallarta. This environment inspires wellness vacations, making it easy and fun to spend time relaxing outside, watching the waves lap against the shore for meditation or walking along the beach for some light exercise. With sunny weather all year long, breathing in the fresh air will clear your mind and your energy during your destination wellness escape to Mexico.

Fresh Food

In a tropical climate, you can enjoy fresh produce all year long. From the gourmet markets to the corner tiendas, you can find bright tomatoes and fragrant pineapples brought in daily from local farms. While indulging in sizzling tacos and cold beers is a fun aspect of vacationing, make sure that the meals during your trip are loaded with fresh ingredients to fuel your destination wellness vacation. In Puerto Vallarta, you also have access to seafood straight from the sea. Order fish ceviche, shrimp cocktails, and the catch of the day for a flavor-packed dinner that’s also full of nutrients. Taking advantage of all the fresh food leaves travelers feeling energized and alive after their wellness retreats in Mexico.

Fresh Perspective

To really create your own destination wellness retreat, it’s important to make time each day to practice mindfulness, a buzzword in the health industry that simply refers to tuning into your thoughts and being present in the beauty of every moment. Too often we can rush through our day on autopilot, not paying attention to what we’re actually doing. Mindfulness fights against this by quieting your thoughts and focusing your attention onto your breath. Meditation is one of the most common practices, but there are a variety of mental exercises you can take time for each day to create your own wellness retreat.

Fresh Energy

Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the most sought-after wellness retreats in Mexico because many spiritualists believe the Bay of Banderas holds strong, pure energies in the form of ley lines. These lines connect sacred lands around the world, and mystics and shamans believe there are several passing through the mountains and into the sea, giving Puerto Vallarta the energy that attracts and revives so many visitors every year. If you’re looking for spiritual wellness travel destinations, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best choices, with a variety of yoga and meditation classes available as well as traditional Mexican spiritual practices.

If you want a vacation that doesn’t create more stress or leave you feeling exhausted, consider making your next trip a wellness retreat with intentional healthy choices that feed your body, mind, and soul. Puerto Vallarta offers you one of the best wellness travel destinations where you can kick off your shoes, dig your toes into the sand, and soak in the beauty that surrounds you.

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