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Morning Routines in Puerto Vallarta

WELLNESS | Published on 26/02/2019
Optimizada morning  routines in  puerto vallarta

A buzzing alarm clock, the snooze button, and rushing around the house is an all too familiar scene in many of our mornings. Many of us don’t conscientiously start our day properly or establish a healthy morning routine to set the tone for our days. When you’re on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, mornings seem extra glorious and luxurious. No meetings or to-do lists waiting for you, just the sunshine, ocean, a morning yoga routine, mindful activities, and so much more beckoning you out the door. Despite this, you can easily let your mornings slip away and spend the rest of the day lacking the energy you could have unlocked. Using these morning routine ideas, you can experience better health and more focused days wherever you are.

Fuel Your Body For A Good Morning Routine

When you view food as nutrients to fuel your day, you’ll understand the importance of eating a balanced breakfast as part of any good morning routine. Start with fresh fruit and add in some fiber with a green juice or bowl of oats. While prepackaged bars and sugary treats can be tempting, you need to be careful that what you consume will truly fuel your morning workout routine as well as the rest of your day. Don’t skip this on vacation, especially if you’re planning on having a day of activities and adventures. Hydrate with a tall glass of water, and fuel your day with eggs, fruit, or other healthy choices, making a good morning routine delicious and rewarding.


Get Your Body Moving With A Morning Exercise Routine

After lying in bed for several hours, your body needs a morning exercise routine to wake up and get the blood pumping. For some, cardio and high intensity training provide the perfect morning workout routine to kickstart their metabolism. For others, a gentle morning yoga routine or calm walk stretches out the muscles and helps focus the mind. In Puerto Vallarta, there are plenty of morning yoga routine classes offered throughout the city, including yoga on the beach. Whether you’re blasting through calories or strolling along the beach, a morning exercise routine that simply gets you moving will help you wake up with a healthy start.

Practice Mindfulness For A Healthy Morning Routine

While many of these morning routine ideas focus on the body, it’s important not to forget your mind and spirit. Adding in meditation, journaling, or reading to your healthy morning routine will nourish your mind and awaken your spirit. If your Puerto Vallarta hotel doesn’t offer meditation classes, using apps like Insight Timer is the way to go. This app makes meditation easy for beginners, simple to follow, and short but deep. If you’re making a morning yoga routine a part of your day, you can get both your body moving and your mind focused.

Love On Your Skin During Your Summer Morning Routine

Summer means longer days and more sun exposure, so preparing your skin for the day is a priority for a summer morning routine or any day in Puerto Vallarta. Use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30 on your face before applying any makeup. On your body, massage in some lotion that has UV protection to prevent sunburns and slow down premature aging. Don’t head home from vacation sore and peeling. Taking to the time to nourish your skin during your summer morning routine or vacation in Puerto Vallarta will keep you looking radiant and youthful for years to come.

Implementing even just one or two of these morning routine ideas into your Vallarta vacation and daily life can completely change your outlook and attitude the rest of the day. While a morning workout routine or practicing mindfulness can sound complicated, keeping these practices short and simple can be just as effective as adjustments to for a healthier life.

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