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Fitness Routines for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacations

WELLNESS | Published on 07/11/2018
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Puerto Vallarta vacations are a perfect time to slow down and relax, but they can also be filled with large meals, extra treats, and less physical activity. While many people focus on slimming down for a beach vacation, those healthy routines are often left at home. Fitness routines for vacations are important not just for looking good in a swimsuit. A Vallarta vacation workout will give you a little more energy and let you indulge in sweet margaritas and spicy tacos without feeling bloated the next day.

When you stay at an all-inclusive hotel in Puerto Vallarta, it can be easy to stay in shape while traveling with the extensive gym facilities available. Without leaving the resort, you can sweat off last night’s ice cream with a stunning view of the beach. For a quick and easy workout, hit the cardio machines, like the treadmill or elliptical. If you’re familiar with the equipment, the weights can also be a great tool for working up a sweat while toning muscle. For the best vacation workout routine, combine both cardio and some lifting, which will leave you feeling strong and ready for a day on the beach. Enjoy your workout routines while jamming with your headphones or catching up on the news on the gym’s TVs.

If you don’t feel like making it to the gym or don’t have one available, you can create powerful vacation workouts without gym access. Complete your Vallarta vacation workout within the privacy of your own hotel room. YouTube is filled with quick and easy instructional workout routines to guide you through strength and cardio training without any equipment. You can also search for workout routines that target a specific body part to create the best beach vacation workouts. Using these instructional videos is the best vacation workout routine because it can be done anywhere at anytime. If you incorporate these videos into your fitness routines for vacations, you can feel great as you indulge in the luxuries of Puerto Vallarta and stay in shape while traveling.

Some of the best beach vacation workouts are done outside the hotel where you can enjoy rigourous vacation workouts without gym access. For a true Vallarta vacation workout, make the beach your gym. With the stunning natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta surrounding you, include a walk or jog on the beach or a swim in the ocean into your fitness routines for vacations. You can also head to the jungles for vacation workouts without gym usage. In Puerto Vallarta, across from La Isla Shopping Center, a peaceful trail winds along the river for a mile and a half. In the mornings, many locals hit the trail for a run or a walk with their dog, and you’ll likely see the police patrolling the trail to make sure everyone is safe. These beach vacation workouts will bring you closer to the tranquil beauty of nature for refreshing exercise.

It’s important to stay in shape while traveling, especially as you indulge in special treats on vacation. Including beach vacation workouts into your day will help you feel great as you enjoy spicy Mexican food and relax with a beer. Whether you have access to a gym or not, you can create the best vacation workout routine that will give you energy for the day and leave you feeling refreshed--which is what vacation is all about!

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